Raspberry Ketones Review

Raspberry Ketone:  The Best Weight Loss Solution Ever?

It seems like people everywhere are raging about the effectiveness of raspberry keytone as a quick and painless way to lose weight. It’s been highlighted and positively reviewed on the respected Dr. Oz television show, and everyone from Hollywood stars to regular housewives are telling success stories.

So we decided to learn more about it. Is raspberry ketone all it’s cracked up to be? And just what is it, anyway?  

First the basics:  raspberry ketone comes from raspberries (duh!) and is an aromatic component of same. The scientific basis for all the excitement comes from a number of tests that have shown that raspberry ketone has a positive effect upon weight control under laboratory conditions. For example, in one test on obesity, lab mice were fed a high fat diet plus raspberry ketone for about two and a half months. Researchers observed that, compared to control mice who were not fed the raspberry ketone, those that did receive it significantly lost fat in the liver and visceral adipose (which is stomach fat) tissues. At the same time, a very sizeable increase in norepinephrine-induced lipolysis (for us laymen, the decomposition of fat) in some mice fat cells. Similar breakdowns in fat cells were observed in vitro fat cells exposed to the raspberry ketone.  

In other words, the mice lost weight.  

It was noted that the mice evidenced a higher secretion of adiponectin when compared to controls. Adiponectin, as you may know, is a protein used by the body to regulate metabolism.  The bottom line is that raspberry ketone apparently speeds up metabolism and thereby decreases cell fat, resulting in weight loss.  There are many studies on the net regarding this product, and you have to be careful in choosing one that provides you the right daily amounts. We’ve seen recommendations of between 60-100mg per day. Personally, we’ve been taking the 100mg capsules, and to date, have experienced slow but definite weight loss. At the same time, we might add, we’ve also been exercising every day and watching the rest of our food portions and food selections. So we’re not exactly a pure, scientific experiment. That’s why we find the lab tests so interesting.


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