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Always consult your physician before starting any diet, and ask your physician about his recommendations for any of these products. In addition, and for best results, always combine a regular exercise program with your diet supplements. Finally, remember that the more calories you take in, the more difficulty you'll have in losing weight. Diet experts recommend you eat plenty of natural fruits and vegetables, and skip the desserts. In our personal experience, that's the only way to receive any lasting benefits from these and similar products.

Don't get discouraged. And don't be surprised if dieting leaves you feeling a bit tired. That's only to be expected when your body is suddenly forced to live on less food and fewer carbs. Many of the diet products here can actually give you more energy and improve your mood, so you'll feel better about yourself and be better able to stay with your dieting program.  

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Don't even THINK you can diet without exercising. These pills are not magic; you still have to put in the physical work. Build a strong exercise program into your diet program and the pounds will drop off much faster. In my own case, I estimate I lost weight almost twice as fast as I did when I tried the supplements alone. Your experiences may differ, but the vast majority of people need that work out on a regular basis to be sucessful. And exercise can be lots of fun.

For example:

  • . Start with short walks on a daily basis (I found that 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, was just about right for me.)
  • . Talk your spouse, friends or relatives into joining you. That makes the event  more fun, less painful, especially if you get to hear some juicy gossip!
  • . Start swimming down at the Y or your local swimming pool, if you have one. Swimming is a great low-impact sport that delivers exceptional exercise value.
  • . Find at least one sport you can participate in (one that requires short spirts of energy), and rediscover your love for the game.
  • . Roll out that bike that's been gathering dust in the garage and give it a spin.
  • . Join an exercise club where you can dance like you're a kid again (Zumba, for example, or spinning).  


Finally, don't give up!  Commit yourself to a weight control program that is no less than one year long--don't get misled by those "Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days" type of programs. They rarely if ever last. Make your weight loss goals realistic, give them the time they need to produce results, and you'll be a happier you. And thinner, too!